Trust Your Hearing to a Doctor - of Audiology

The Difference is that Important.

An Audiologist earns a doctoral degree, studying all aspects of hearing, including anatomy, physiology, disease, aging, technology, acoustics and much more.

By comparison, a sales person at a big box wholesale club, or a hearing aid store, only has to have a high school education, pass a state rules and regulations test, and a one-year apprenticeship to be called a "hearing aid specialist."

When it comes to something as important in your life as
your hearing, trust the doctor—of audiology.

Which of the following best describes you?

Do you often have to ask people to speak up because you can’t hear every word? Do you have trouble hearing the sermon at church? Do family members ask you to turn the TV down?

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Does your loved one ask you to repeat yourself often? Do you find yourself raising your voice when speaking to him or her? Have you noticed your loved one turning their head to listen?

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Have you had your hearing aid for a few years now? Do you notice your hearing aid doesn’t seem to work as well as before? Do you feel like your current hearing doctor could do more?

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