Resound LiNX™ Hearing Aid

ReSound Linx™

With a ReSound Linx™ Hearing Aid you enjoy:

Easy, direct connections to clear speech and sound
ReSound LiNX Now you can connect to what you love through your iPhone®, iPad®, and iPod touch® and enjoy high quality sound through hearing aids that are also wireless stereo headphones. All without a neck-worn device.

Surprisingly small. Amazingly powerful.
The small, slim design lets you hide ReSound LiNX if you want to – or show it off if you’d rather. And while you might expect a hearing aid this little and good looking to be delicate, ReSound LiNX is durable, water resistant and powerful – fitting 90% of all hearing losses. So no matter how you look at it, ReSound LiNX won’t cramp your style.

Full personalization

Linx iPhone and AppsImagine using your ReSound Smart™ app to fine-tune the treble or bass of a concert or a dinner conversation. Or geo-tag locations so your hearing aid switches into your preferred program for work, the gym, or your favorite café – automatically! With a swipe and a tap on your iPhone® you can unlock new reasons to love your ReSound LiNX hearing aids.



Two Levels of Technology – Linx 9 and Linx 7

ReSound LiNX 9 is our ultimate product, ideal for users who often move in challenging listening environments. It includes all 2.4 GHz ear-to-ear technologies as well as other proven features that create the unique Surround Sound by ReSound™ hearing experience.

ReSound LiNX 7 is our premium product, ideal for users who move in mostly moderate listening environments. It offers fundamental ear-to-ear communication benefits and popular ReSound technologies that offer real end-user benefits.

Currently all Linx Made for iPhone hearing aids are available in small behind-the-ear models only.   



Other Linx Hearing Aid capabilities

  • Exceptionally rich sound quality
  • The ability to understand speech better, even when there is noise in the background
  • The ability to locate where sounds are coming from
  • No whistling or buzzing on the phone or when you hug someone
  • Music that sounds clear and pure
  • Ability to connect directly to your iPhone 5s device.  Other wireless connections to wirelessly to any other mobile phone, TV, stereo and computer is possible through ReSound Unite™ hearing aid accessories



Pricing of Made for iPhone Linx Instruments 

ReSound Linx 7 devices are $2,650 each.   ReSound Linx 9 Devices are $3,250 each.

Carolina Hearing Doctors is offering an introductory discount of $250 per aid until April 2014.

More information here: Linx Made for iPhone brochure

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