Office Open Again on May 11

We are Open Again!

As of May 11 we are excited to be open again for seeing patients in the office.

We are also available for phone calls to give guidance.

Winston-Salem – 794-8212
Clemmons – 766-2677

We have specific procedures to see you in the office.

  1. Call ahead to make an appointment, even for a simple service.
  2. When you arrive for your appointment please stay in your car and call the office phone number – 794-8212 in Winston, 766-2677 in Clemmons.
    1. We will give you directions when you call us from the parking lot.
  3. You MUST wear a facemask while in the office. No exceptions.
  4. One companion may come with you into the office. One only please.
  5. Upon entering the office you will sanitize your hands.
  6. If you wear gloves they must be latex or nitrile material – no cloth gloves.
    1. Gloves of any type aren’t particularly helpful.
  7. Our office bathrooms are not available at this time.

Curbside Appointments

We will continue to offer some routine appointments at “curbside”. If you have a simple need to have your hearing aid checked and cleaned we will do this service for you as you wait in your car. You still need an appointment so please call to schedule it. Once you arrive and call us from your car and we will provide your hearing aid service as you wait in your car.

Your wellness and our wellness are our number one concern and feel comfortable in offering services with the guidelines above. Please call us for an appointment.


Scott Mills, Au.D.
Anna Nichols, Au.D.

Paula, Sue Ann, Mary, Kelly, Thomas, Jordan


Covid-19 Information

Most At Risk

The people most at risk for infection are people with, or are being treated for:

  • Heart disease
  • Lung
  • Diabetes
  • Cancer, specifically if in any cancer treatment right now.
  • Recently ill with bronchitis or other respiratory issue.
  • Immunosuppressed because of recent illness, or other medical treatment.

And then also people over age 70.

MANY of our patients with hearing loss also have one or more of these other conditions. We cannot risk your health by inviting you out into public while the risk to your health remains so high.

More information about Risk is here:

Symptoms of Covid-19

  • Dry Cough
  • Fever, either constant or coming and going fever
  • Shortness of breath

Also may also notice:

  • Persistent pressure or pain in your chest
  • New level of confusion

If you have any of these symptoms, and specifically any combination of these symptoms, call you doctor immediately.

More information about symptoms is here:

Avoiding Covid-19

Preventing this virus is as easy as avoiding contact with others

  • Avoid any busy area like grocery stores, pharmacies, and public gatherings.
  • Stay 6 feet away from all people at all times.
  • Wash your hands several times every day – even at home.
    • Definitely wash your hands after being outside of your home for any reason.
  • Avoid contact with any sick people. Anyone with a cough or sneeze should be avoided.
  • As people enter your home have them wash their hands immediately.
    • Leave shoes and coats at the door.
    • If they’ve been in public places it’s even best to have them change clothes.

More information about avoiding Covid-19 is here: