Patient Testimonials



Jon Burkhart went through much of the isolation and withdrawal from the community that many people with hearing loss suffer. But, his life was changed when he discovered Carolina Hearing Doctors at a Wellness Expo. Impressed with how caring our audiologists were, he chose us to help outfit him with hearing aids.

“I had a profound hearing loss…but Carolina Hearing Doctors have really brought that up to the very best it can be.” Jon finds he particularly loves his Bluetooth device that allows him to connect his hearing aids directly to the television or his cell phone.



Emily Steelman knew she had hearing loss from birth, but it didn’t affect her much until she got a new job. That’s when she realized she needed hearing aids and came to our office. For years Emily had avoided hearing aids due to the stigma that they were “for old people” and unattractive, but the hearing aids we were able to provide her with are so small many of her coworkers never noticed them. Now, she states that her “life has improved dramatically” both at work and at home.

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Dr. Helms came to Carolina Hearing Doctors when he was still practicing medicine. His hearing had deteriorated to a point where he couldn’t use a stethoscope. With the right hearing aids, Dr. Helms was amazed to discover a level of hearing that he hadn’t experienced for years. “I’ll never forget the first morning I had my hearing aids in…” Dr. Helms told us, “and I suddenly realized I was hearing birds. It was surreal, almost a shock for me.”

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Lib had progressive hearing loss and eventually reached the point where she was embarrassed to go out with friends and she was even unable to hear her husband telling her, “I love you” every morning. When Lib and her husband Grant came to Carolina Hearing Doctors, they loved the friendly environment, and we are happy to have helped Lib hear all the important sounds of life again!


When he began to experience hearing loss, John Machtolff came to salvage the hearing he had left. He never expected to have his hearing restored to him. Carolina Hearing Doctors have been able to tailor hearing technology specifically for John’s needs, and now he can hear better than he ever had before. He now lives his life without fear, able once again to hear in crowds and over the phone.