CHD Hearing Loss Testimonial: Dr. Jeff Helms

Dr. Helms is a well-known retired local physician who first came to Carolina Hearing Doctors when he was still practicing medicine. His hearing had deteriorated to a point where he could no longer use a stethoscope and he knew that it was time to manage his hearing loss.

Like many, Dr. Helms was initially reluctant to use hearing aids, being concerned about how much that could actually help. Once he started using hearing aids he was truly amazed by the improved word clarity and mainly how easy it was to hear again. With the right hearing help, Dr. Helms discovered a level of hearing that he hadn’t experienced in years.

“I’ll never forget the first morning I had my hearing aids in…” Dr. Helms told us, “and I suddenly realized I was hearing birds. It was surreal, almost a shock for me.”

Knowing that a fellow medical professional trusts us with his hearing health gives us great pride here at Carolina Hearing Doctors. We’re grateful for the opportunity to continue helping Dr. Helms and others rediscover their hearing.

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