iPhone and Android Compatible Hearing Aids

compatible hearing aids

Many hearing aids now connect directly to your iPhone and Android smartphone. The greatest benefit for the listener is that is streams phone calls directly to your hearing aids, giving you the best hearing you’ve had on the phone in years. It also allows you to listen to music, audio books, and videos in your hearing aids directly from your smartphone–basically making your hearing aids the most personalized earphones ever.

Made for iPhone or Made for Android

They are different.

  • iPhone compatible hearing aids have been available since 2016 and much of the startup, new technology issues have been resolved long ago. These connect to Apple products that use the mobile iOS, iPhone and iPad, but not directly to Apple computers.
    • Hearing aid brands with native Apple compatibility are Starkey, Oticon, ReSound, and Signia.
    • Since these hearing aids use the proprietary Apple wireless standard, and are not using bluetooth, they are not compatible with Android devices.
  • Android compatible hearing aids are relatively new, introduced in 2019, and stream using the latest mobile bluetooth standard. The benefit is that ANY smartphone with bluetooth capability can connect to these aids.
    • Hearing aid brands with direct bluetooth compatibility are ReSound, Phonak, and Unitron.
    • These hearing aids will connect to Android and also Apple iOS devices since both have bluetooth compatibility.
    • (as of November 2019, this technology is still working through some initial technology issues, so users can expect some stability issues.)

Limitations of iPhone and Android Devices

  • In late 2019, iPhone and Android wireless compatibility is available primarily in behind-the-ear hearing aids.
  • Some large in-the-ear hearing aids have these wireless features but availability depends exclusively on the size of your ear.
  • As time passes, and technology shrinks, we expect that smartphone compatibility will be available in smaller ear canal devices.


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