CHD Hearing Loss Testimonial: Emily Steelman

Emily Steelman had hearing loss from birth but had avoided hearing aids because of the stigma that they were unattractive and “for old people.” She was finally motivated to seek help for her hearing when she encountered difficulties at her new job. The constant challenge of understanding people in a new environment left her embarrassed and exhausted at the end of many work days.

After wearing her new hearing aids for just a few days Emily found that her hearing was so much easier and natural. She was no longer wasting so much energy concentration on listening; now the hearing just happened naturally.

Her lifelong worry about wearing bulky hearing aids also evaporated. The best hearing aids for her happened to also be so small that many of her coworkers still haven’t noticed them. She even tells us that her hearing aids are so comfortable that she often forgets about them being in her ears.

Emily is relieved that her “life has improved dramatically” both at work and at home simply by making her hearing better.

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