CHD Hearing Loss Testimonial:John Machtoff

John Machtoff came to Carolina Hearing Doctors when he began to notice his hearing declining, hoping to salvage what hearing he had left. Like many with hearing loss, he found himself being isolated to the point that his friends and family were excluding him from conversations because he couldn’t keep up with them. He avoided crowded situations and could no longer hear clearly enough to talk on the telephone.

Carolina Hearing Doctors was able to tailor several hearing technologies specifically for John’s needs so that now he is able to hear better than he ever has before. His family has noticed the difference and more readily includes him in the conversation. With his hearing aids and his connected Bluetooth device, John is even able to hear and stay connected to his grandson via video and telephone calls.

He never expected to have his hearing improve in all of these situations, and we are pleased to have witness first hand the changes he’s experienced.

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“My loved one may have trouble hearing.”

“I currently have hearing aids.”

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