CHD Hearing Loss Testimonial: Jon Burkhart

Jon Burkhart went through much of the isolation and withdrawal from his community that many people with hearing loss suffer. But, his life was changed when he discovered Carolina Hearing Doctors at a Wellness Expo. Impressed with how caring our audiologists were, he chose us to help outfit him with hearing aids.

It’s wonderful to see Jon egnaging with his family and community again! To see more amazing Carolina Hearing Doctors patient testimonials click here.

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“I sometimes have trouble hearing.”

“My loved one may have trouble hearing.”

“I currently have hearing aids.”

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“I had a profound hearing loss…but Carolina Hearing Doctors have really brought that up to the very best it can be.” Jon finds he particularly loves his Bluetooth device that allows him to connect his hearing aid directly to the television or his cell phone so that he can always hear them without turning up the volume.
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