CHD Hearing Loss Testimonial:John Machtoff

John Machtoff came to Carolina Hearing Doctors when he began to notice his hearing declining, hoping to salvage what hearing he had left. Like many with hearing loss, he found himself being isolated to the point that his friends and family were excluding him from conversations because he couldn’t keep up with them. He avoided […]

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CHD Hearing Loss Testimonial: Emily Steelman

Emily Steelman had hearing loss from birth but had avoided hearing aids because of the stigma that they were unattractive and “for old people.” She was finally motivated to seek help for her hearing when she encountered difficulties at her new job. The constant challenge of understanding people in a new environment left her embarrassed and […]

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hearing aid batteries

Extend the life of your Hearing Aid Batteries

A middle school student has recently discovered a way to make hearing aid batteries last longer. Ethan Manuell, a middle school student at Rochester Central Lutheran, performed an experiment for his school’s science fair and found that zinc hearing aid batteries last longer if they are exposed to the air before inserting them into hearing […]

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hearing loss strategies

4 Strategies to Cope With Hearing Loss

Hearing loss continues to be one of the most pervasive conditions that adults must address as they age. It’s extremely important to take hearing loss seriously if you suffer from it or if you know anyone else who suffers. It is a condition that can create isolation and confusion for the victim of hearing loss […]

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How to Help a Loved One with Hearing Loss

Hearing loss affects not only the ones experiencing it but also the ones around them such as family members and friends. Physically, the inability to hear certain sounds or voices can put people at risk and even in danger. Emotionally, family members and friends are left feeling frustrated and even sad at what their loved […]

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